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Welcome to the Badminton Club O.M.S. ! 



Season 2017-2018

Season starts on Tuesday 5th September !

St-Valentin 2013

Chihiro/Alexei - 2nd in MXC/D
Alexei/Mahen - 3rd in MDC/D

Season 2012-2013

Season starts on Wednesday 5th September !

Geneva International 2012

Chihiro - 2nd in WS NL and
Aya/Marine - 3rd in WD NL

Geneva Championship 2012

Di/Chihiro - 1st in WD NL;
Saji/Mahen - 2nd in MD NL1st and
Di/Mahen - 3rd in MX NL !!!

Geneva International
1st and 3rd place for BC O.M.S. in mixed double for NL !!!

IAG 2008 - CUP !!!

WHO team wins GOLD !!!
36th United Nations Inter-Agency Games (IAG)

IAG 2008 - CUP !!!

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Welcome to the web site of the Badminton Club O.M.S. !!!

BC O.M.S. was founded in 2004 by Pascal ZURN and several other keen players. It is based on the outskirts of Geneva, Switzerland.

The purpose of BC O.M.S is to enjoy playing the fastest racket sport, get physical exercise, make friends and have a lot of fun!

Anyone can become a member of BC O.M.S. For the season up to 50 members can be accepted by the club. Priority will be given to the current members or staff members of the World Health Organization (WHO). Annual fee is 150CHF for the whole season or 80CHF for half a season. The season runs from September to mid-June.

BC O.M.S. has been practicing every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings (except during school holidays) at the Collège et Ecole de Commerce André-Chavanne in Petit-Saconnex, a short distance from WHO headquarters. Each session consists of warming up, drilling basic shots and playing matches.

The WHO team (members of BC O.M.S.) participates in tournaments such as the United Nations Inter-Agency Games — where an eight-member male/female team took second place in 2006, third in 2007 and first in 2008 and 2022.

WHO team, UN Inter-agency games 2008

From left to right: D. Lei, S.-P. Lee-Martin, C. Khasnabis, A. Mikhailov,
T.-T. Sint, M. Sandrasagren

Photo credit: BC O.M.S.

WHO team, UN Inter-agency games 2006

From left to right: G. Yamada, A. Mikhailov, G. Dawson, C. Khasnabis, M. Henry, S.-P. Lee-Martin. Not pictured: P. Mayrhofer-Grunbuhel, H. Zeeb

Photo credit: BC O.M.S./P. Virot



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Badminton: a true sport

One who wishes to become a good badminton player will quickly discover that this indoor game is a very demanding sport. He/she must acquire the concentration of a master chess player, the reflexes of a tennis player, the speed of a sprinter, the strength of a javelin thrower, the power and endurance of a speed skater, in addition to skills, tactics and technique.--Lilo Kennel

Unlike the badminton played on beaches or at picnics, high-level badminton played on indoor courts is considered the second-most physically demanding sport, just after boxing, and comes second for speed, after ice-hockey.


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